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VIOLET featured in The Commercial-News

VIOLET cast: Phil Bryant, Mallory Middendorf, Bryan Jenkins

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Congratulations to the cast of The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas!

Note: About 5 more Aggies (football players – young men) needed. If interested, please email [email protected].

Band Leader: Patrick Linn
Housekeeper: Taylor Bigham
Ladies (in the 1930s): Sarah Mills, Haleigh Linn Morrison, Aubrey Falconio, Brooke Kuchefski, Brittni Waites, Breely Arford, Robin Romack
Cowboys: TBA
Farmer: TBA
Shy Kid: Eli Ronk
Miss Wulla Jean: Mary M. Matthis
Miss Wulla Jean’s assistant: TBA
Traveling Salesman: TBA
Slick Dude: TBA
Choir: Kelly Holden, Jodi Prosser-Muller, Lynette Hodges, Carolyn Smith, Barb Whaling, Mark Muller, Gretchen Yordy

Angel: Sidnee Gordon
Shy: Sara Todd
Jewel: Carolyn Smith
Mona Stangley: Suzy Goben
The Girls at Miss Mona’s:

  • Linda Lou: Sarah Mills
  • Dawn: Sonnia Schroeder
  • Ginger: Aubrey Falconio
  • Beatrice: Brooke Kuchefski
  • Taddy Jo: Brittni Waites
  • Ruby Rae: Lynette Hodges
  • Eloise: Barb Whaling
  • Durla: Taylor Bigham

Leroy Sliney: TBA
The Dogettes: Eli Ronk, Patrick Linn, Mark Muller
Melvin P. Thorpe: Grant Morenz
Soundman: Robin Romack
Stage Manager: TBA
Melvin P. Thorpe Singers: Kelly Holden, Jodi Prosser-Muller, Gretchen Yordy, The Dogettes
Sheriff Ed Earl Dodd: Drake Taylor
Cameraman: Breely Arford
C.J. Scruggs: Mark Willard
Mayor Rufus Poindexter: John Dowers
Edsel Mackey: Mark Muller
Doatsey Mae: Gretchen Yordy
Townspeople: Robin Romack, Breely Arford
T.V. Announcer: Scott Eisenhauer (voice over)
Angelette Imogene Charlene: Haleigh Linn Morrison
Angelettes: TBA
T.V. Colorman: Patrick Linn
Senator Wingwoah: Jim Dobbs
Aggies: Bryan McDaniels, Blake Carson, Chris Hodges, Michael Van Hoveln, Teddy Klein, Dave Sanders, Sam Sanders
Towel Boy/Equipment Manager: Eli Ronk
Photographers: TBA
Reporter 1: TBA
Reporter 2: Robin Romack
Reporter 3: Breely Arford
Governor’s Aide: Kelly Holden
Governor: Robert McIntire
Hecklers: Robin Romack, Breely Arford, Eli Ronk

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