2023 Summer Season

Children’s Musical

July 21-23, 2023

Teen Musical

July 28-30, 2023

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Congratulations to the Cast of The Lion King JR!

  • Simba – Aiden McDaniel
  • Young Simba – Silas Van Camp
  • Mufasa – Jonathan Estes
  • Sarabi – Love Wright
  • Rafiki – Kah’Meiryonna Cox
  • Zazu – Amelia Rome
  • Scar – Erin Cox
  • Banzai – Emma France
  • Shenzi – Brynn Ogle
  • Ed – Jackson White
  • Young Nala – Isabelle Crippin
  • Nala – Isabella Howard
  • Sarafina – Sophie Osterbur
  • Timon – Jordyn Brooks
  • Pumbaa – Bodie Ray
  • Dasani Bryant
  • LeAnn Butler
  • Angelina Cottrell
  • Elaina Davis
  • Kaleá Davis
  • Molly Della Salla
  • Aria Hari
  • Eva Harper
  • Alayna Little
  • Lola Merritt
  • Ivy Waldron
  • Madilyn Wells
  • Addyson Alikhan
  • Lenora Barrett
  • Hadley Borst
  • Aubrey Bryant
  • Natalie Childers
  • Jayleigh Creamer
  • Olivia Enos
  • Sophie Leemon
  • Hartley Pankow
  • Taylar Pasley
  • Amelie Smith
  • Tribe Leader: Aiyden Anding
  • Katalaya Becker
  • Cary Carpenter
  • Corey Carpenter
  • Peyton Goodner
  • Madelyn Millis
  • Luna Simpson
  • Jameson Smith
  • Mina Stites
  • Claire Walter
  • Noah Walter
  • Jensen West
  • Tribe Leader: Emberlyn Schull
  • Paityn Adams
  • Addi Cahill
  • Jenesis Creamer
  • Marra Dillion
  • Gemma Felix
  • Michael Franey
  • Baylee Hawks
  • Hank Hudson
  • El Poggendorf
  • Vivian Smith
  • Harrison White
  • Mason White
  • Tribe Leader: Kinley Barney
  • Dahlia Adair
  • Carson Barrett
  • Amelia Cordle
  • Pacen Cox
  • Michael Franey
  • James Nale
  • Lyric Phillips
  • Liza Pratt
  • Lewis Riggen
  • EmmaLee Siddens
  • Conner Staggs
  • Tayte Wolfe

Congratulations to the Cast of Anything Goes!

  • Reno Sweeney: Amanda Brown
  • Billy Crocker: Bryce Martin
  • Hope Harcourt: Lainee DeVors
  • Sir Evelyn Oakleigh: Dayo White
  • Bonnie: Polly Norton
  • Moonface Martin: Ted Mann
  • Mrs. Harcourt: Victoria LaBaume
  • Elisha J. Whitney: Zach Pollock
  • Reno’s Angels:
    • Chastity: Allie Cox
    • Purity: Hannah Schroeder
    • Virtue: Bella Norton
    • Charity: Mirabella Biage
  • Captain: Ter’Ryan White
  • Purser: Gavin Baugh
  • Steward: Aidan Cox
  • Bishop Henry T. Dobson: Isaiah Easton
  • Reporter: Paige Norton
  • Photographer: Cora Helferich
  • Missionary 1: Andrea Downing
  • Missionary 2: Malia Roberson
  • Andrea Downing
  • Bailee Easton
  • Milee Ellis
  • Cora Helferich
  • Alexis Johnson
  • Ainsley McLaughlin
  • Paige Norton
  • Addison O’Brien
  • Malia Roberson
  • Zander Rouse
  • Lizzie Skovran
  • Sarah Tabels
  • Brooklyn Warfield
  • Aidan Cox
  • Allie Cox
  • Hannah Schroeder
  • Ter’Ryan White

Remembering Gary Lickfett


Gary Lickfett

We at DLO Musical Theatre are heartbroken at the passing of Gary Lickfett. A longtime board member and six-term President, Gary was instrumental in setting DLO on the path that we are on today.

During Gary’s service to the board, there wasn’t a show he didn’t either build the set for, or help in some way with the design. His ability to turn a director’s dreams into a reality on stage were unparalleled, and his frugality with set construction costs was legendary.

Some of his more memorable creations include the sets for The Great American Trailer Park Musical (made partially from actual mobile homes), Les Misérables, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (so many doors, so many fans a turnin’!), and Beauty and the Beast. Indeed, his impact on community theatre was much wider than just DLO, with Gary having worked with most, if not all, other local theatre organizations.

As President of the board, Gary led by example, encouraging discussion and debate while never forcing an agenda, handling compliments or complaints with the same grace that he dealt with everything else.

As a mentor and friend, Gary’s kindness and patience helped many folks, particularly younger ones, through their first try at a paint brush, screw gun, or table saw. His guidance will reverberate through this organization for decades.

Though we miss him terribly, we are comforted by the fact that his kindness and example are still with us, illuminating the way to DLO’s future. We extend our deepest sympathies to his family.

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