About DLO

The Best in Community Musical Theater Since 1956

DLO Musical Theatre began as Danville Light Opera in 1956, making it the oldest musical theatre group in the area. Each year, DLO presents three regular season musicals, two mainstage productions and a dinner theatre production. The organization also presents youth and teen musicals every summer. DLO occasionally produces special programs that can be booked as entertainment for parties and other special occasions by individuals, groups, or businesses.

Mission and Vision

Our Mission

The mission of DLO Musical Theatre is to produce live musical theater entertainment that provides opportunities for artistic and creative expression, education, and community outreach for the enrichment of individuals and the communities in which they live. By embracing diversity as a value and a practice, we commit to  inclusion that shall be fully expressed in our organizational culture, values, norms and behaviors.

Our Vision

The vision of DLO Musical Theatre shall be to bring an appreciation and understanding of musical theatre to the diverse communities it serves, without regard to age, disability status, economic circumstance, ethnicity, gender, race, religion or sexual orientation.


DLO Musical Theatre is committed to accessibility of programming to the community, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation including gender identity, disability, age, marital status, education, military status, or citizenship status.

Board of Directors

President: Paul Strain
Vice President: Jodi Prosser-Muller
Treasurer: Andrew Peters
Secretary: Jamey Coutant

Members: Nancy Blue, Beckey Burgoyne, Nancy Keener, Gary Lickfett, Ron McDaniel, Heather Miyagi, Cameron Sheets, Lisa Strain

and all active past presidents (with one collective vote)

1955        Richard Telling (President)
1956        Russell Suycott (Gen. Mgr.)
1957        Jack Baldwin (Acting Gen. Mgr.)
1958        Jack Baldwin (President)
1958–59 Roy Haakon Goranson
1959–60 Frank Williams
1960–61 Robert Westwater
1961–62 Roy Haakon Goranson
1962–63 Harold French
1963–64 Frank Williams
1964–65 Barbara Bowles
1965–66 Richard G. Hall
1966–67 Dale Everts
1967–68 Tom Goder
1968–69 Ron McDaniel
1969–70 Beverly Anders
1970–72 Harold French
1972–75 Louise McCollum
1975–76 Jamie Briggs
1976–77 Bill Lucas
1977–78 Mary Lou Spain
1978–79 Duane H. Prentice
1979–80 John R. Orsulak
1980–81 Pamela Shaw Heath
1981–83 Daniel J. Miller
1983–84 Duane H. Prentice
1984–85 Harold French
1985–86 Daniel J. Miller
1986–88 Ruth Bryant
1988–89 Kathleen Spain
1989–91 Rebecca Majors Quetone
1991–92 Mary Lou Mauck
1992–95 Nancy Henderson
1995–96 Danita Morfey
1996–97 Laurel Soderstrom
1997–2000 Nancy Henderson
2000–02 Amy Hegg
2002–04 Ann Soderstrom
2004–07 Lon Henderson
2007–13 Gary Lickfett
2013-16 Richard Welchans
2016-19 Heather Miyagi
2019-     Paul Strain